Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thoughts on pain

In the glorious and meticulous order of M. Proust by Eve Wickman.

If unconscious, pain presents itself as a mere mortal thought, an idea lacking comfort and logic until fully recognized, diagnosed and understood. Most prefer to experience pain in the full primal and unexplored sense that lacks all anatomical merit which lends itself to a completely acceptable fate, often difficult to embrace. Pain in this state is imaginative, exploratory and infinite.

Therefore, in its most primal of states, pain is luxury. A knocking on the door of mortality and fragility, of dire consciousness. Pain: inescapable, relentless, unforgiving, indiscriminate and licentious.

If conscience, we are forced to embrace our physical body as being connected to the consciousness in our head, our mind. It closes the gap between whom we see in the mirror and who we think we are. And in this glorious finality, awareness is heightened and either accepted or rejected. --Eve

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Margot said...

I totally agree with this. It is magnificently written because it gives a feeling more than an idea on what you are saying...

I hope you are okay, Eve. I sence sadness somehow...