Friday, July 18, 2008

Series: This is Where I Want to Be, Maldives

The sexy and sensual Maldives. It seems that the islands are already monopolized by eager and greedy developers and one island has already been claimed by the "W" hotel chain, called the "W Retreat and Spa, Maldives" with rooms starting at $735 a night.

Another Island/Hotel is Huvafen Fushi with a celebrity roster and rooms starting at $880 a night.

Apparently, these luxurious digs not only
offer paradise, but they offer fantastic restaurants, high speed internet, flat screen TV's, table tennis, table soccer, billiards, nightclubs with hot DJ's, a deluxe spa including fitness and yoga, kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, scuba diving, jet skiing and the list goes on and on.

After a while, it just sounds like spring-break for so-called "adults." Whatever happened to reading, swimming, exploring and spending time with the person you love? Does it always have to resemble spring break?

There's something going on with my generation. I like to call it the "mentally 25 forever" syndrome. When people say, "yeah, I don't think I ever want to grow up." Well, there's a big difference between wanting to stay young and hip and wanting to perpetually stunt your mental development. The same people I partied with in College, are still doing the same thing, and acting the same way and somehow trying to find a way to drag it along with them into adulthood without anyone thinking it's odd.
It's as if they are trying to do something that no one else has tried before.

But inevitably, you end up looking over at your friend shit-faced at the bar who's 36 and red in the face screaming "more shots!" and attempting to grind with a girl of the same age. There's a natural progression in life for a reason.

Not that I'm saying one shouldn't take advantage of great food and yoga, but as my generation ages, they seem to be the one's putting off having kids so that they can party longer, as if dragging it out, will somehow keep their hairlines from thinning and graying and the wrinkles at bay. Hmmm, very odd indeed...

But honestly (and back to the topic at hand), I think that waking up and looking out and seeing nothing but turquoise water before you and feeling a warm breeze waft through your bedroom is something that one should experience at least once in your lifetime.

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