Friday, May 23, 2008

Merci Marc

Today's worldwide earthquake activity and China's aftershocks (here you go Brendan)

After the 7.9 earthquake in China on May 12, China has been experiencing numerous aftershocks in the Sichuan-Gansu border region, approximately 17 since May 16.
May 16, 5.0; May 18, 4.5 and 4.4; May 19, 5.2, 5.1, 4.9; May 20, 4.5; May21, 4.6, 4.3; May 22, 4.4.
The recent activity in China has sparked activity on the Eurasian, Australian and Philippine plates in the areas of Malasia and Indonesia as well as the upper North American and Gorda plates off of Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, which was to be expected. My predictions for upcoming activity are: Northern India region, in and off the coast of Japan, continued activity off the south-east China border, and off the coast of Oregon and Washington. --Eve

Infectious launches into an untapped market (Thanks Adam)

"New startup Infectious wants to satisfy that urge that we all undoubtedly have to spice up our car a little. Make it unique. Express our personality. Etc. Founder Tim Roberts, who was part of the founding Twitter team, says that your car is the most visible social product you own, but it is also the least expressive...."
Location:San Francisco, California, United States
Although not my cup of tea, kudos to Tim Roberts for tapping into a niche market and opening the doors to more creative innovations --Eve

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Artist Robert Rauschenberg, American Master of Mixed Media, Dies at 82

By Laurence Arnold
May 13 (Bloomberg)

Robert Rauschenberg, the U.S. painter and sculptor who led 20th-century art across the boundaries that traditionally separated different forms of expression, has died. He was 82...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Arts Update

Victor Christ-Janer, Modernist Architect, Dies at 92
...Victor F. Christ-Janer, a member of a group of influential architects who built Modernist homes and offices in New Canaan, Conn., died on March 24 at the home he designed for himself there. He was 92. Like the far-better-known Marcel Breuer and
Philip Johnson , Mr. Christ-Janer helped transform the town from a haven of traditional Colonial-style homes into an incubator for distinctive Modernist dwellings as well....

Record Price for Monet at Auction
...An 1873 canvas by Monet of a riverbank landscape with two trains atop a railway bridge sold for $41.4 million Tuesday night at Christie’s. It was a record price for the artist...

An Auction of New Chinese Art Leaves Disjointed Noses in Its Wake
...SHANGHAI — Sotheby’s auction house called it the “most important collection of contemporary Chinese art to ever come to market” — some 200 works by some of China’s hottest names.
And when the first half of the trove, called the Estella Collection, went on the block in April in Hong Kong, it brought in $18 million and set some record prices for artists, like $6 million for a canvas by the Chinese painter Zhang Xiaogang.But the sale of the works has stirred indignation among many of the artists and their dealers and some curators....

Serra’s Monumental Vision, Vertical Edition
...PARIS — France is making a fuss this week over Richard Serra, the 68-year-old American bantamweight who fashions elegant, gargantuan art out of steel.On Wednesday Mr. Serra opens the annual solo show called Monumenta in the echoing Grand Palais; the city of Paris has restored one of his earlier works to its proper place in the garden of the Tuileries...

7.9 Quake Kills Thousands in Western China

...The 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit in Sichuan Province on Monday afternoon, and the death toll steadily increased throughout the evening, raising concerns that the number could go far higher...