Monday, April 28, 2008

Thoughts on Human Superiority and Cruelty...

I am re-posting my friends recent blog in regards to rescuing three newborn kittens in Perpignan, France. I too often find myself in peculiar situations saving animals, of which I have saved dozens. Friends often say that I go looking for these situations, but I do not. Like Margot, perhaps we are more acutely aware to seeing and hearing things that others do not see or don't want to see. I'm grateful to Margot for her endless love and devotion to making a difference in this world, one creature at a time (or in this case, three)...--Eve
"I'm sorry in advance for the following words, but I really need to spit them out.People really are cowardly jerks sometimes. I was at my mother's today, we were sitting in the garden when we heard a painful, desperate and very little "meow". I went to search in the little natural "gutter" behind the house and found a plastic bag containing three one-week old kittens, completely wet because the bag had been filled with water that - thank God - flowed away through a tiny hole in it.They were scared, cold and underfed.I brought them home and gave them special kitten milk, it's one o-clock now and they're sleeping with their bellies full of five two hour appart feedings...I honestly don't get : how can you do something like that?If one really wants to get rid of them, at least do it correctly, in a fast way, not this barbarous treatment...I hope I will be able to get them through it all.Being a foster mum really seems to be something I'll have to get used to..." --Margot


Margot said...

Hi Eve!
First of all, thanks for the nice comment on my blog!
I like the fact that you want to spread these thought about human superiority and cruelty...
The more I foster those kittens, the more I can't find the answer to the question : how can anyone even think of wanting harm to those harmless little creatures.
More news about them soon.

Margot said...
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Margot said...

Sorry about posting again but I had to react on that sentence of yours about my love and devotion... It's it beautifully said and I really thank you for it, no one ever said it that way yet. Usually it's just "again!?" lol.

Eve Wickman said...

Hey Margot!
Unfortunately, there's no making sense of such behavior. Some people think animals are simply "below" them, and others are just cruel.
We are only in control of ourselves and our environment and we can only hope that our behavior becomes a positive influence on the people around us. You influence and inspire me from half way around the world!
Keep it up; you're amazing!Love and kiss those babies for me. I'll be thinking about them.
P.S. I get the "again?" a lot too!