Monday, April 28, 2008

David Martin, killed by a shark in the waters off Solana Beach, California

By Jamie Reno Newsweek Web Exclusive
Apr 29, 2008 Updated: 12:44 p.m. ET Apr 29, 2008

"...Just how rare are shark attacks off the Pacific Coast of the United States?
Very rare. From 1900 to the present we've had total of 147 shark attacks along the Pacific Coast of North America, including California, Oregon and Washington, and there have been 11 fatalities confirmed, including this latest one."
"David Martin's son and his family, who grew up in and around these local waters, went surfing again in the spot where Martin was killed just days after the attack. What was your reaction when you heard this?
My thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Martin's family. I think that going back out there is a very intelligent thing to do. If you've grown up in a family that has enjoyed the water your whole life, if this is part of your life, you should not close that off because of this tragic event. Frankly, you are at greater risk driving from your home to the beach than you are in the water....."
--Ralph Collier, shark attack expert and founder of the Shark Research Council and author of "Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century: From the Pacific Coast of North America."

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