Sunday, February 3, 2008

Round One at New Yorks' Fashion Week

Fashion is finally going classic again, thank God! If I saw one more jewel-colored Prada turban, I was going to hang myself with a metallic microbelt. The pallets in general are 80's vivid or pale fleshtones. I am absolutely in love with Dior's (right) silk organza Audrey-style-color-block-pattern dresses which would not be complete without the definitive pill box hat. Definitely top of my list. Lacroix (above) went with a dark blue embroidered coatdress with a deep plunging neckline, plume sleeves and a feather topper hat. Although obviously 1940's-inspired, the embroidery takes a nod from Scandinavia and the long neckline from the 1920's, however somehow it works, albeit not my style. Cheers to Lacroix for diversity and boldness!
(Above) Gautier from the Givenchy show displayed a pale pallet; the chiffon dress is delicious in both form and fluidity and although too sci-fi for my taste, the others showed strong structure and balance. Valentino put up a good fight, sticking to what they do best, gowns (right, above). This champagne colored satin gown with Greek crossing at the bustline and a contrasting inset of chiffon is a knock-out. However, Valentino finished his show with a boring display of 20 models wearing floor-length red dresses in various materials; suddenly I didn't know which year it was, 1970? 1980? 1990? Is this a Robert Palmer video? Big yawn...
(Above) The Chanel line by Karl Lagerfeld reiterated a pale pallet of tulle and pleated chiffon and tiny feathers. I know I'll go to hell for saying this but I was (deep breathe...) deeply disappointed with Chanel. I hope they find someone, dare I say a bit younger and edgier sometime soon. The collection is looking sleepy. I'm bored. -Eve

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