Thursday, February 28, 2008

Balenciaga...the new Prada turban...?

WHENEVER Nicolas Ghesquiere, the designer of Balenciaga, presents a collection, fashion writers and buyers always seem to fall into a swoon — myself included. It has happened three or four times in the last few years that a new language was born. Or so we declared in so many words. People left the little showroom on the Rue Cassette — on Tuesday morning a light rain fell — feeling they had again witnessed his history..."

I love fashion, and I have become more and more accepting of haute couture designs as works of art and less as actual clothing. Therefore I'm in awe with Ghesquiere's collecion for Balenciaga. I'm a big fan of Balenciaga and am wearing a B skirt right now. Unity within the collection is subtle. Top left is mysterious and conservative, top center is flamboyant, asymetrical and organic and above right is elegant, mostly symetrical and very conservative and more inline with B's history of design. I'm confused with the whole-head-wrap. Is this the new Prada turban? I hated that trend and was thrilled to see it go, now I have another ridiculous head-wrap to see trickle down the lader of retail outlets selling knock-offs. I wonder what Gaps version will look like, maybe it will be made of denim or khaki? Yuck! --Eve

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