Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pentagon Says It’s "Confident" Missile Hit Satellite Tank...Fantastic!!!

Wow, I'm sure relieved to know that NASA and the US Government are hard at work ensuring that the billions of dollars spent to research, produce and test scientific expeditions to ensure that they are not only safe but are well designed specimens is going so well. With all of that education, testosterone and ego pulsing through the Pentagon you would think that at least one of them might have asked "how will this effect the environment or future expeditions? Nope, not a chance. –Eve
"...General Cartwright said debris from the strike, with individual pieces no larger than a football, already had begun to re-enter the atmosphere. Most, he said, was predicted to fall into the ocean....The 5,000-pound satellite, roughly the size of a school bus, was managed by the National Reconnaissance Office and went dead shortly after it was launched in December 2006....
...The FEMA document notes, “Any debris should be considered potentially hazardous, and first responders should not attempt to pick it up or move it....”
...The Chinese test produced 1,600 pieces of debris that are expected to orbit the Earth for years, preventing other spacecraft from using the same or similar orbits...."

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