Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eve's Gimme list

Roberto Cavalli "Cleopatra" dress
Herve Leger Women's Ombre Dress
Fall 2008 Gucci horsebit-side eyewear in Ocean
Concrete Drop Earrings by Konzuk
Ebony Hips Wood + Leather Handbags by TIVI (also in Zebrawood)
Cork Cuff by Studio 1AM
No.2 Stainless Steel + Wood Bracelet/Cuff by TIVI
Cairo Resin + Aluminum Bracelet by TIVI
The UM Tote by Josh Jakus
Seesaw Wall Flats by Inhabit

1 comment:

Sheilah Willams said...

Eve, Your blog is so beautiful, I enjoyed the architectural post, some of them have me wishing to start developing my home instead of buying a build property. The mix with fashion also is exciting.

I love it all. Please do more pieces as you have a fan.